Directions to next show

NEXT SHOW - OCTOBER 27th -For the first 5 people who come in a Halloween Costume, order a dinner and mention this marquee display and they will get a free 5 song custom CD+G disc from me. Come early and I will start early. - NEXT SHOW

At Our Karaoke
"You" are the Star
"If everyone started off the day singing, just think how happy they'd be."
Making events
really "Coole"
We are known for keeping the pace going. From the very first singer until the last, we have the same energy.

We want your event to be memorable for all the good reasons.

Music suitable
for your occasion
While it is up to the individual singer to choose their music we will honor your request to avoid certain styles of music that may offend your guests.
Playing music
you all want to sing or hear
We want to play the music your guests will enjoy the most, whether they are singing or dancing.
With more than 400,000 song selections to choose from it is doubtfuul we don't have the song you want.